"Metric Patternmaking for Jackets and Coats with Sleeve/Bodice Combinations"

Jackets and CoatsThis book is a comprehensive and systematic guide to pattern drafting with exceptional illustrations. Step-by-step instructions show how to accurately develop patterns for jackets and coats regardless of complexity. Detailed instructions are given for dart manipulation, complex shaping seams, collars and hoods. Pattern adjustments for different figure proportions are also included. An additional, comprehensive chapter covers patternmaking for sleeve/bodice combinations such as raglan, kimono and drop shoulder sleeves.

DEUTSCHE  BEKLEIDUNGS-AKADEMIE MÜNCHEN (German Clothing Academy of Munich) and Rundschau Publishing have a long-standing tradition of publishing instructional patternmaking books as well as technical periodicals to present patternmaking techniques especially the patternmaking system M. Müller & Sohn.

The renowned patternmaking system M. Müller & Sohn with its centuries-old tradition and expertise has been updated to modern standards. This method of pattern drafting is the one most used in Europe not only for made-to-measure patterns by tailors and dressmakers but also for industrial manufacturing using CAD. It is highly repute for its accuracy and fit.

"Metric Patternmaking for Jackets and Coats with Sleeve/Bodice Combinations"
English Edition ISBN 3-929305-43-2
Publisher: RUNDSCHAU, 180 pages, 9.5" x 13",
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